Sand and Stone Dust

High Quality River Sand and Stone Dust for Concrete Production

River Sand :

Sand is the primary material used in the construction of a building, and river sand and gravel are extensively used in the preparation of workable concrete, that is further used in construction. River sand falls under the fine quality of construction sands which is found near river banks and streams. This sand is white-grey and is one of the fine graded sands used in the construction of buildings. They are mainly used in concrete and masonry work. They can also be used for RCC, plastering, and much other brick or block works. This sand consists of a smoother texture and a better shape of grains. The river or natural sand demands very less water. The moisture which is trapped between these particles serves good for various concrete purposes. A medium quality river sand consists of 5 to 20% of silt content in them.

Stone Dust :

Stone dust is a waste material obtained from crusher plants. It has potential to be used as partial replacement of natural river sand in concrete. Use of stone dust in concrete not only improve the quality of concrete but also conserve the natural river sand for future generations. In the present investigation, an experimental program was carried out to study the workability and compressive strength of concrete made using stone dust as partial replacement of fine aggregate in the range of 10%-100%. M25 grade of concrete was designed using Portland pozzolana cement (PPC) for referral concrete. Workability and Compressive strength were determined at different replacement level of fine aggregate viz a viz referral concrete and optimum replacement level was determined based on compressive strength. Results showed that by replacing 60% of fine aggregate with stone dust concrete of maximum compressive strength can be made as compared to all other replacement levels.

Sand and Stone Dust, both are used to make concrete for construction purposes. Sand is the finest quality material available to be used for making high quality concrete, but stone dust can be used as its effective replacement, if need be.

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