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The journey that started with just a single stone crusher, to being the favourite of all government organizations building roads in North Bengal & Sikkim region, it's been quite a roller coaster ride for us.

Company was established

RLG Group was wstablished in the years 2000-2003. It is named after our founder, Late Roshan Lal Garg. Initially, 2-3 years were required to build a solid foundation and principled working methodology of the company for the upcoming years.

First project of North East Frontier (NFR) Railways

We had started with a single jaw crusher, when we first received the project of Ballast Supply in North East Frontier Railways (NFR), that was in operation from Oodlabari to Alipurduar Junction (APD) and New Jalpaiguri (NJP) Station. We had started with labour plugging and boulders (loading, unloading and laying of materials)

Started picking of river bed materials

We came up with a new idea, that innovative machinery could pick the river bed materials to obtain sand and soil together. With the help of grizzly, we could easily segregate sand and stones, so that the stones could be further crushed to be used in construction purposes.

Setting up a Screening Plant

We started dealing in both crushed / uncrushed stones, because some clients preferred uncrushed stones because of budget constraints. We had subsequently established our screening plant as well, to separate sand from uncrushed pebbles.

Employment of Cone Machinery - 160 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)

Cone machines were employed in the year 2013, to remove the flakiness of crushed stones and impart them a proper shape. The first cone machine was set up in 2013, with a production capacity of 160 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)

Employment of Cone Machinery - 160 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)

Another cone machine was set up in the year 2014, with a production capacity of 160 Tonnes per Hour (TPH) We had also set up a plant for uncrushed stones screening with a production capacity of 180 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)

Pro-Wash Setup for making Plaster-Ready Sand

Salt, clay and mica was present in sand, so we decided to set up a pro-wash plant (capacity of 50 Tonnes per Hour) that filters unnecessary ingredients from sand, and makes it ready for plastering.

Started the production of Interlocking Tiles / Pavers

We had ventured into the market of Interlocked Tiles / Pavers in 2019, which has been a huge success for us till now.