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Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions related to the products or services we provide. We have tried to answer all of them as briefly as possible.

FAQs related to Stone Aggregates

Stone Aggregates

The four main types of aggregates that are used in construction or building are crushed and uncrushed stones, gravel and sand. We host different premium varieties of all main aggregates.
Sand and gravel consist of finer particles, naturally occuring that are mostly used to build roads, sideways, walkways, gardens, parking lots, etc. Crushed / uncrushed stones occur in different sizes obtained as a result of blasting and processing rocks.
Uncrushed stones are the stones that do not have uniformity throughout their surface, more commonly the ones directly obtained after processing larger rocks. Crushed stones are the ones that are completely uniform with all four sides rounded. They are mainly obtained after processing uncrushed stones.
We have our own machinery used to process all the aggregates, which is done in different steps. A pile of aggregate generally consists of a large number of grain sizes, uncrushed stones and few cobbles. They are segregated from one another to separate the finer grains from the stones and the stones from the cobbles, which are then processed and made ready to deliver.
FAQs related to Fly Ash Bricks

Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash bricks absorb less water as compared to the red clay bricks, lead to very less wastage, and require less amount of mortar / plaster while adjoining them in construction, making them more economical as compared to the red clay bricks.
They help in regulating the temperature of your homes, reduce construction cost, reduce air pollution, and themselves are much lesser in pricing as compared to the conventional clay bricks.
Fly ash bricks are used in construction of homes, offices, malls, hospitals, etc. Basically, they can replace clay bricks in all types of construction usage.
FAQ Related to Interlocked Tiles

Interlocked Tiles & Pavers

Interlocked tiles / pavers are small tile pieces which interlock with one another during the application of cement or paver joining sand. Basically, they fit with one another just like the pieces of a puzzle, becoming extremely durable and still giving your walkways an elegant look and feel.
Interlocked tiles are extremely durable and after strict adherence with one another, their strength even increases manifold. Hence, they can last from a period of 6-7 years to a few decades if cared for properly.
Yes, pavers are mostly used in driveways, walkways, and all parking spaces, and are meant to withstand the weight of different types of light to heavy domestic or commercial vehicles. However, if you are building your parking spaces mainly for heavy vehicles such as trucks, we would recommend using pavers of the highest possible thickness, at least 18 mm.
In house Production

We manufacture all stone aggregates (sand, gravel and stones), fly ash bricks, interlocked tiles and pavers with the help of our pre-owned machinery and efficient production system.

24X7 Reliable Service

We have created a reputation for our service in the Indian market, becoming the No. 1 choice for all government projects and road building contracts where we supply our materials.

After Sales Support

A satisfied customer is your best form of advertising. We strongly believe in this phase, and we provide every support we can after sales is done, be it repeat orders or exchange of materials.